Springtime at Children's Garden April 5, 2019

Dear Children's Garden Families,

The past couple of weeks have been filled with talk of spring!

The silkworms have arrived and the children are FASCINATED. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to bring home some of these creepy crawly, but harmless animals. Its a great way to learn about the lifecycle! Plus it gives adults an opportunity to step outside of our comfort zones and enjoy watching life through the eyes of our children.

Your child probably brought home a seed that we started at school. Many of them have already sprouted and the children are super excited to watch them grow. Plant them in the ground or in a bigger pot and these lima beans will take off!

Art experiences lately have included bubble wrap stomping, stamp painting, easel painting on Easter egg shapes and watercolor painting. Next week we will be squirt bottle painting and trying our hand at felting using beautiful colored wool.

This week the kids also enjoyed playing jungle safari which included making their very own safari hut from a giant box and newspaper “bamboo.” They LOVED camping out in it and taking “pictures” of the animals around the room.

Many thanks to all of our parents for really stepping it up while Cathy has been gone. Every one of you is gift to our classroom. Cathy will be coming back part time next week and even more when we return from spring break.

MWF parents, sign up for parent teacher conferences if you would like to come in and talk with us. We have so many wonderful things to share with you about your children.

Happy weekend!

Sandi & Cathy